Factsheet - John Graye

John Graye is a German Singer by the real name of Werner Backhaus, who was born in Bonn and now lives in Ahaus. 


From the beginning of Rock and Beat in Germany mostly spread by the radio stations AFN (American Forces Network) and BFBS ( British Forces Broadcasting Services) he is being influenced by this music.


In John's opinion English is THE language of Pop and Rock music, therefore he sings in English and therefore his English artist name.


During his highschool times he already received singing lessons by the Bonn music teacher Heribert Dahlhausen.

His voice is a high Baritone that allows him to record his songs poly voiced.

At live performances he sings from Baritone Johnny Cash to Tenor Sting.


As a Social Worker he worked in social hotspots of his native town, then became a pro and taught drums lessons and performed with various bands as a drummer and singer.


Following he entranced into the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was posted to India, Russia and The USA as a Diplomat still being closely tied to music, e.g. as the founder and leader of the German School Band Mumbai.


His Career as a band musician reads like  a who is who of the Cologne-Bonn rock scene with well known musicians like Randy Brecker (Brecker Brothers USA), Heiner Wiberny (Professor Music University Cologne), Markus Stockhausen (Composer), Rüdiger Baldauf (WDR Bigband, heavytones) etc.


There were performances like Leverkusen Jazz Festival, Cologne Dance Fountain, as well as uncounted smaller and bigger clubs all over the country. During a tour of radio stations he acted as the speaker of Streetplayer to introduce their LP. Highlight among others was the performance on the German TV format called "Tea or Coffee".


The Bonn Rock Lexicon shows eleven different entries of his name.


After far more than 1.000 performances domestic and abroad as a drummer cum singer 

in different Pop and Rock Bands he since years is following his own musical path.


Now John Graye has fulfilled a long time dream and released his first very own album - FINALLY.


He sings about relationships, dreams and reflexions.


The lyrics have an authobiographic touch but everyone can recognize themselves.


The music is Pop-Rock-Country, Style spans from Classic over Rock to Pop and Country.



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